About Us

At Pascova Farm, we are dedicated to being the best boarding and lesson facility in momdadmethe Athens area.  We pride ourselves on our individual care for each horse, our knowledgeable staff and our excellent facilities.

Allisa and Rob Huestis live on the farm with their two daughters, Lilly (age 13) and Grady (age 11).  Lilly and Grady are active members of Piedmont Pony Club and GDCTA, and Allisa is the District Commissioner of Piedmont Pony Club.  Allisa was born loving horses and grew up riding her horse, Shazin, at her family’s farm at Lake Lanier, as well as at Snooty Fox Farm and Chastain in Atlanta.  Allisa is an active competitor at USEA events, currently bringing along a young gelding, Ardanza.  In recent years, she competed  Pearl Hailo and Big City Boy, and assisted her mother, Kay Amann, and Jorja Miller in founding and developing  the Eventing Team at UGA.  Rob is an attorney and enjoys riding Herschel around the farm and foxhunting with Shakerag Hounds.
Kay and Peter Amann (Allisa’s parents) live in Atlanta and have an apartment above the barn.  Kay lillyand gradyhas been instrumental in the creation and development of the Eventing Team at UGA and served as the primary advisor during its formative years.   She enjoyed foxhunting at Belle Meade for many years.  Then Kay started eventing at Nancy Gosch’s in Newnan, where she found her TBx mare, M2.  Kay and M2 successfully competed at the American Eventing Championships in North Carolina and Chicago.  Kay competed her OTTB, Nicholas to the Training level and is currently bringing along a promising young gelding named Casull.  Kay is at the barn most days overseeing the care of horses and boarders.  Peter can be seen building xc jumps, maintaining trails, mending fences and playing allisa with pf shirton his tractor on the weekends.  
 kay 1st place